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Ms. Kash (The Rap Vixen) was born January 17th, and raised in Oakland, CA. She currently resides in Seattle, WA. Her stage name, "Ms. Kash" derives from her true name Kashann (pronounced Cash'ann). Ms. Kash's musical roots extend primarily from her father, who sang with the legendary R&B Soul group The Golden Tones. She was exposed to all genres of music at a very early age, which now plays a major role in her music choices. She grew up attending church with her Mother where she began singing in the choir, and later became lead drummer at age 14. As a teenager Ms. Kash developed a passion for the stage. She began acting in stage plays she wrote herself, performing in talent shows, and modeling. Ms. Kash has pushed through many obstacles in her life.

Ms. Kash was raised in the infamous 65th Village in the heart of Oakland, Ca until age 13, and later moved into what was named "The Murder Dubbs" which was definitely a dangerous location to live. Ms. Kash never lost sight of her dreams no matter the environment in which she was being raised. As a young adult Ms. Kash battled depression, which lead to difficult romantic relationships that turned violent. She became a victim of domestic violence and was being stalked no matter where she went or what she did. After the arrest of her perpetrator, she made the decision to leave Oakland for good. She didn't want the harsh living conditions she had experienced to become the life her two little boys would have to live. Ms. Kash decided to leave everything she had known her whole life, to move to Seattle, WA and create a fresh start for herself and her children. It was hard at first, her and her boys lived in a homeless shelter for 8 months. Ms. Kash was determined to get stable and back to a normal life. After gaining stable housing and working two jobs as a single mother, Ms. Kash was finally able to get back to her music.
Ms. Kash has now become a forceful movement on the West Coast music scene. She's worked with, and performed along side artists such as Brandy, Ray J, Yo Yo, The Lady of Rage, Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Crucial Conflict & Many more. She has worked with various producers including The Mekanix, Dj T.C, and Mike D to name a few. She released her first body of original work an EP simply titled "Reign" in November 2019. Shortly after the release of "Reign", Ms. Kash was chosen as a "Favorite Artist" by Seattle Public Library, and her “Reign” EP was placed in their Playback music catalog. The “Reign” music video recently won BEST RAP/HIP HOP VIDEO and BEST/RAP HIP HOP SONGWRITER 2021 at the 10th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards at the iconic Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA. "Reign" also streams on the Indie Music Channel on Roku TV & Amazon Fire TV. Ms. Kash also won BEST RAP/HIP HOP ARTIST and BEST/HIP HOP RAP SONG for her single "She Go" ft Matt Blaque originally distributed by Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. Ms. Kash acquired rights to "She Go" in 2019 and Independently owns all Masters and Copyrights to her entire music catolog.

Ms. Kash is currently working on her new album and planning a nationwide tour. She has released two singles from her new album, "Bag Me Up" produced by Sacramento Ca native SAUL. And her second single "2FACED" produced by Seattle, WA Hip Hop Pioneer Mike D. Ms. Kash’s music has been described as "Melodic Masterpieces" by The Her new single and video "2FACED" has the Hip Hop music scene buzzing. "2Faced" has been mentioned on heavy hitting platforms such as "Hip Hop Weekly", "The Source", "" and many more! Ms. Kash's “Rap Vixen Music" sound can only be described as unique, raw & refreshing!

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